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I offer a wide range of music-related services! Including custom production, composition, audio recording, editing, mixing, DJ'ing, and training. Email for business-related inqueries!


Vocals are only part of the song- you need quality instrumentals!


I have Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, and Soul instrumentals ready for lease and purchase. I can also make custom instrumentals in whatever style you need or for songs you have already written!


I also compose music for film and other media- whether it's a movie, advertisement, presentation, or anything else!

Audio Engineering

Your music is only great when it's heard.

My job is to make sure it's heard properly.


A great recording is about more than room acoustics and fancy microphones (which I have), it's also about a great performance- and I can help you capture it.


I'm also an experienced editor and mix/master engineer.


Don't let the vibe of your party get ruined by a bad DJ!  With over 8 years of experience, I know how to keep the spirits high and the bass low. I can tailor the night to your specific needs.


I also offer lighting, MC service, Karaoke, and PA reinforcement.

Studio Consultation


Are you a musician who wants to record in your own home on your own schedule?


I would be happy to help you set up your home studio!


I will visit your spot to do an evaluation of the space and your equipment needs, then help you purchase equipment and materials as needed, set them up and show you the basics of using your home studio equipment!



Maybe you already have equipment, but you want more out of it, or need some training with programs like Pro Tools or FL Studio. 


I offer private lessons for nearly all aspects of recording, beatmaking, production- from acoustic and music theory concepts to sculpting your final sound!

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