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Studio Pricing and Policies


$24 per hour

The first hour of a studio session will always be billed as a full hour. Past the first hour, time will be billed at $6 per 15 minutes.


Recording fees are due at the end of your recording session. Please plan accordingly.

Scheduling long sessions, multiple sessions, or on holidays may require a non-refundable deposit before booking.


Mixing & Mastering

You may pay hourly for mixing and mastering (same price as recording) or pay a flat rate per song for it to be mixed and mastered during off-hours. Flat-rate pricing is determined by complexity of the song arrangement, song length, quality of the recordings and instrumental, and how quickly you need the work done.

Usually you can expect to pay $35-60 for songs recorded with me, and $50-75 for songs recorded elsewhere.

All mixing includes mastering at no extra charge.

The price for mastering songs mixed at another studio is $12 per song.

Written approval of the demo and payment is required before I begin mixing.

Written approval of the mix and payment is required before I begin mastering.

Cancellations/Late Arrivals/Early Departures

In order to make the most of available recording times (for you and everyone else), please book the appropriate amount of time you will need for a session and use all of it.


The minimum fee for a studio session is $24. If you come in for a 35-minute session, you will still be charged for a full hour. Once you go past the first hour, you are charged $6 per 15 minutes.


The clock starts at the start of our pre-arranged session time or when you arrive (whichever comes first). Please check with me before arriving early.


You have until 12 hours before your session to reschedule or cancel. Rescheduling or cancelling a session that is under 4 hours long with less than 12 hours notice will result in a $24 cancellation fee.


Rescheduling or cancelling a session that is 4 hours or longer with less than 12 hours notice will result in a minimum charge/cancellation fee equal to half of the scheduled time. For instance, if you cancel a 6-hour session you will be charged $72 for 3 hours. Or, if you schedule a 4-hour session but you finish in 1 hour, you will be charged $48 for 2 hours.

If you are sick, please cancel your session as soon as possible.  If you arrive to the studio sick, you may be asked to leave and will be charged a cancellation fee.  I try to be somewhat lenient with cancellation fees if you give reasonable notice of circumstances beyond your control.

Consultation/Production Lessons

If you are interested in setting up a home studio of your own and learning how to record, mix, and produce, I offer consultations and private lessons. Rates and policies are the same as recording.

This is a good option for artists wanting to practice your demos before coming to the studio to make a professional recording, recording your vocals on your own time that you can send to me to mix and master, or making a quick addition to a song without having to schedule a studio session.

A good home studio system can be put together for around $350 or less (if you already have a decent computer). Even a very basic studio system can be put together for under $250. There is even a free version of ProTools so you can send the session files directly to me for mixing and mastering. There are also good recording systems for iPad and iPhone.

Health & Safety

Masks are REQUIRED over mouth and nose at all times when outside the vocal booth.

A maximum of 6 people (plus myself) are allowed inside the studio at one time.

If you arrive to the studio sick, you may be asked to leave and will be charged a cancellation fee. This applies to COVID and non-COVID illnesses. Even a common cold will hinder your ability to perform and can delay recording sessions for 1-2 weeks if I catch it.

Smoking is allowed outside and in garage.

Currently Accepted Payment Methods

Payment for studio time is due at the end of your session. Payment for mixing and mastering is required up front.

I accept: Cash, Check, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Apple Cash, PayPal (+2% service charge), Credit/Debit card (+2% service charge, processed through PayPal).

PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


For digital payment methods, I will send you a payment request for bookkeeping purposes.

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